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The Infant Spirits – Latest Release

When a poltergeist takes root in a hospital, can a determined ghost chaser undo a devilish long-lasting curse?

Clarisse Garcia has always fought evil. A driven spirit hunter, she demolishes demonic threats before they can corrupt the innocent. But even this hardened woman is stunned when she enters an eerie Tasmanian maternity ward filled with the anguished cries of babies’ souls.

Undeterred, Clarisse dives headfirst into helping release the spirits bound to a sinister demon. But when the foul entity targets the unborn life in her womb, she faces her toughest battle yet to save her offspring’s future.

Can this spiritual warrior protect her child and free the tormented young ghosts?

The Infant Spirits is the fourth standalone book in the blood-curdling Haunting Clarisse supernatural horror series. If you like chilling apparitions, wicked demons, and a mother fighting for her child’s very existence, then you’ll love Janice Tremayne’s bedtime nightmare.

Buy The Infant Spirits to unchain the children today!

Book four of the Haunting Clarisse Series release – Oct 2021.

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The Haunting Clarisse Series – 2021

The collection of the Haunting Clarisse Series is now available from the award-winning author—Finalist of the USA Readers’ Favorite 2020 International Book Awards in Fiction—Supernatural.

Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone.


  1. The Girl in the Scarlet Chair
  2. Haunting in Hartley
  3. Haunting in Old Tailem


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The Haunting Clarisse Series 

“As ghost stories go, this one is as spinetingling as any I have ever read with the perfect amount of scare factor through some vivid descriptions and a well-written story. It starts in 1936, setting some of the scenes before skipping ahead to current times. It is a good story and fans of the paranormal will enjoy it. “
Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite International Book Award


Haunting in Old Tailem 

An Australian ghost town. A resident demon and a local Shaman. A confrontation with evil awaits.

Clarisse realizes that running from evil is not a bad idea until she figures out you can’t hide. When some ghosts get tired of hanging around, they latch onto you. At the center of the war on evil is a historic Church that carries dark secrets within its walls. After she meets with the local Shaman, Clarisse discovers secrets with evil consequences by digging too deep into the town’s past.

When matters become complicated, she visits a circus of young performers on the outskirts of town triggering unexpected paranormal events and unleashing memories of a one-hundred-year curse. After being caught in the crossfire of a battle for evil supremacy, Clarisse confronts Little Charlie as he rallies the town’s ghosts into an impeccable evil stronghold.

Can the local Shaman and townsfolk rally in her quest to defeat the evil incarnate or will the town succumb to Little Charlie and his evil crew?

Haunting in Old Tailem is the third book of the Haunting Clarisse Series. If you like spine-tingling, chilling, creepy, and spooky supernatural thrillers, then you will love this story by 2020 USA Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Finalist in Supernatural Fiction, Janice Tremayne.

“Supernatural horror visits outback Australia in this unique and eerie third installment.”
Joelene Pynnonen – Independent Book Review


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  Haunting in Old Tailem

The Zack Bolder Series 

Brace yourself, high energy, watch your blindside, actions speak louder than words…meet Zack Bolder.

A fast-moving, energetic and nail-biting supernatural suspense thriller guaranteed to raise your heartbeat!

Each book in the series can be read stand-alone.

Bolder Blindsided – Series Starter

An Australian alpine ghost town. A priest turned supernatural detective. A missing persons cold case. Will bolder track down the voracious demon?

When Detective Wellock hushers in Zack Bolder to investigate a missing person case in the Australian ghost town of Walhalla, they form the most formidable tag team of supernatural investigators, working for the police branch for unexplained crimes. Perched amongst the alpine area, this tourist-backed ghost town is renowned for its gold mining past and hardship, deprivation, and death stories. It becomes a perfect setting for an unexplained missing person’s cold case.

When Bolder realizes every demon has a weakness—its blindside, he confronts the demonic presence, head on for an ultimate encounter to save the town. As this evil entity is sly as a fox with more turns than a two-mile car racetrack, Bolder must be at his best to overcome the devil that has cursed the town since 1876.

Can Bolder uncover the curse that strangleholds the town and thrust out the evil entity before more innocent people go missing and suffer an imminent fate?

Bolder Blindsided is the first book of the Zack Bolder Supernatural Suspense Thriller Series. If you like a fast-moving, energetic, and nail-biting supernatural suspense thriller guaranteed to raise your heartbeat, then you will love this story by 2020 USA Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Finalist in Supernatural Fiction, Janice Tremayne

Pick up your copy today and meet Zack Bolder!


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Janice Tremayne is a Supernatural Horror Author with many awards

Janice Tremayne is a supernatural suspense horror Author and lives with her family in Melbourne. Janice is very well versed in her cultural superstitions and how they influence daily life and customs.

Janice is an Amazon bestselling and award-winning supernatural and horror writer. She is a finalist in the Readers’ Favorite 2020 International Book Awards in Fiction-Supernatural and was awarded the distinguished favorite prize for paranormal horror at the New York City Big Book Awards 2020. Recently she was awarded a bronze prize in fiction at the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards.

She has developed a passion and style for writing ghost and supernatural novels for adult readers. The concept of writing the Haunting Clarisse Series was spawned over a cup of coffee many years ago and she has never looked back since.

Her books contain heart-thumping, bone-chilling, and thought-provoking paranormal experiences that deliver a new twist to every tale.

Awards List

Janice Tremayne is a supernatural suspense horror Author that has been awarded many prizes for her work.

  • Readers’ Favorite 2020 International Book Award Finalist in Fiction – Supernatural.
  • Distinguished Favorite Prize for Paranormal Horror – New York City Big Book Awards 2020.
  • The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2020 Bronze Award in Adult Fiction.
  • The IPPY Awards 2021 Silver Award in Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Rim – Best Regional Fiction.





What do readers say about Janice Tremayne?



“Without question, this work is capable of instilling fear into even the most seasoned devotee of paranormal thrillers.” 
The Girl in the Scarlet Chair
Book review by Susan C. Morris
US Review of Books

“Australian author Janice Tremayne has explored and understands cultural superstitions and their impact on our lives.  Her Haunting Clarisse Series, of which Haunting in Hartley is Book 2, offers strong evidence that Janice is an important emerging author of the paranormal/ghost/supernatural genre.”
Haunting in Hartley
Grady Harp 
5.0 out of 5 stars

“There are some truly spooky moments in Haunting in Hartley. Early on we are introduced to a child murder that is continuously referenced throughout the book. When the six-year-old ghost shows up to assist in some supplemental haunting I couldn’t help but squirm away from the images. I mean, what’s scarier than a child ghost? Not a lot. In the midst of a mental battle with the phantom, Clarisse gets an inside look at the moment of the child’s death. It was at the hands of a priest who was supposed to protect the boy. It’s a gut-punch of a scene and I saw how effective Haunting in Hartley could be. The book has a few great moments of the grotesque like this one.”
Haunting in Hartley
Book reviewed by Joseph Edwin Haeger 
Independent Book Review

“Haunting in Old Tailem is the third book in the Haunting Clarisse series. While there are a few mentions of events that have come before, this is very much readable as a standalone.t sits well in the horror genre, but there are a few nice, distinctive touches to the novel that separates it from the field. For example, setting this paranormal horror novel in Australia is a fantastic and unique choice. The story retains the creepiness of other books in the horror genre, but the lively setting offers a distinctive flavor. The atmosphere and characters feel authentic with a smattering of Aussie slang, bush, and fauna. On top of that, the writing is accessible to all. Haunting in Old Tailem sets up a perfectly eerie atmosphere in rural Australia. Despite the blistering heat, the chills are palpable. This supernatural horror novel comes with some lovely twists that keep me reading, engaged, and fearful of what comes next.”
Haunting in Old Tailem
Book reviewed by Joelene Pynnonen 
Independent Book Review




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