Dreadful Dark Tales of Horror Books 1 – 3 | Janice Tremayne Dreadful Dark Tales of Horror Books 1 – 3 | Janice Tremayne

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Dreadful Dark Tales of Horror Books 1 – 3

 Author: Dean Rasmussen  Category: Horror  : 04 Sep, 2020  ISBN: B08GZTQYHJ  Country: USA  Language: English  File type: Kindle  Amazon USA

Frightful suspense horror to keep you up at night…

Stone Hill supernatural thriller series author Dean Rasmussen presents a terrifying new box set collection of nine supernatural suspense horror tales from Books 1-3. This series of dark short stories will leave you gasping for breath and craving for more!

Book 1:

The Garbage Man – A delusional, self-righteous serial killer takes care of the “trash” in town but discovers it’s not so easy to keep it buried.

The One – A charismatic stranger entices three down-on-their-luck young men to a party only to later reveal his true intentions.

The Ugly Tree – After moving into a new house, a brother and sister discover an aging tree in the backyard has a mind of its own.

Book 2:

Chomper – Confronted with monsters in his closet, a boy struggles to survive after his babysitter doesn’t believe him.

Trick and a Treat – A group of aging trick-or-treaters go out for their final run, but discover they should have stopped when their buckets were full.

Little Green Alien – A group of kids brings down a UFO with a laser pointer, but the aliens aren’t amused.

Book 3:

Bait – Two amateur Bigfoot hunters scheme to trap the creature, only to discover their bait works better than they’d planned.

Birthday Boy – A man arranges a special gift for his cousin’s 30th birthday in a secluded country cabin, but the present isn’t all that it seems.

Cassette – Discovery of an old cassette tape forces a man to face the darkest corners of his soul after it plays back not only the past but also the future.