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Echoes In The Mind #10

 Author: Arjay Lewis  Category: Horror  : 18 Apr, 2020  ISBN: B085BXBD3R  Country: USA  Language: English  File type: Kindle  Amazon USA

An unexplainable death and a voice from beyond the grave. Can psychic Leonard Wise defeat a spirit that can manipulate the living?

Wealthy businessman Brett Morgan is found dead after using a ritual knife on himself and the police dismiss it as suicide. But Lieutenant Bill McGee is not sure, asking Leonard to examine the case.

Len quickly finds there was someone—a voice—which compelled Morgan to kill himself. An echo that reached from beyond this life. A young woman with similar abilities hears it as well and seeks Len’s help. Soon the wrath of this vengeful consciousness decides to strike at Len through a new lady in his life.

Can Leonard fight an incorporeal foe and track down the human host that is allowing it to manifest?

If you enjoy a paranormal activity and an exciting mystery, you’ll love the ninth book of the In The Mind series of paranormal mysteries.