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Horrors Next Door
Author: Tom Coleman Category: Horror : 30 Mar, 2020 ISBN: B086LJK4HH Country: USA Language: English File type: Kindle Amazon USA

15 scary stories with suspenseful dark twists in one Box Set of 5 books!

Horrors Next Door is a collection of short Mysterious, Psychological, Suspenseful, and Horror stories that will arouse your senses and puzzle your mind. Some of the stories are inspired by true events. Find out which ones inside this scary collection!

“Night Visitors”
Once or twice a year, dark creatures show up at the foot of Annie`s bed and take her with them to conduct grisly experiments on her. This is happening for years now. She doesn’t understand who they are and why they do this. But this, last time, it’s different. This time she gets the answers, and nothing on Earth will be the same afterward.

“The Girl I Married”
Jonathan noticed that after marrying Jeanette, she started acting strange. As if she is not the same girl he dated. Why is she so different and what secrets is she hiding?