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Permanent Shadows #2

 Author: Erick Mertz  Category: Horror  : 05 Jul, 2021  ISBN: B08VNSVN2G  Country: USA  Language: English  File type: Kindle  Amazon USA

As the new sheriff, August Melville hoped for a soft start.

But when a mysterious archive appears in a popular local restaurant, he’s confronted with¬†the dark heart and mysterious past of the place he calls home.

Every town has its share of secrets.




This holds true even in out-of-the-way forks in the road like Josephine, Oregon. But here in the high desert country, those long-held secrets are a little… different.

For as long as anyone has called this little townhome, something has lurked in the background. It haunts the little town. It plays tricks with the light. It drives some people mad.

It casts a weird kind of shadow that cannot be chased away by the light.

Sheriff August Melville is a good cop. At least he always has been.

But like most of his predecessors, he has more than just burglars, bar fights, and break-ins to deal with. He has the dubious task of figuring out what casts the permanent shadows.