Secrets of Redemption #5 | Janice Tremayne Secrets of Redemption #5 | Janice Tremayne

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Secrets of Redemption #5
Author: Michele Pariza Wacek Category: Supernatural Thriller : 22 Dec, 2020 ISBN: B08L727QXH Country: USA Language: English File type: Kindle Amazon USA

She was supposed to be safe.

For the first time in her life, Charlie felt like she belonged.

She loved living in Redemption, Wisconsin. She had everything she ever wanted: a home, friends, a new business, a new love.

However, nothing is ever what it seems in Redemption. And you should never, ever, discount the darkness hiding under the surface.

This book resolves the cliffhanger found in Book 4 “The Summoning.”

2018 PRG Reviewers’ Choice Award Second Place Winner for Best Book Series