Stone Hill: Shadows Rising | Janice Tremayne Stone Hill: Shadows Rising | Janice Tremayne

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Stone Hill: Shadows Rising
Author: Dean Rasmussen Category: Horror : 02 Oct, 2019 ISBN: B07W2WYQH7 Country: USA Language: English File type: Kindle Amazon USA

Michael wants to go home, but now his grandfather has disappeared too.

When a troubled teenager agrees to stay with his grandparents for the summer, joy gives way to panic after he discovers there’s no way out.

A fanatical church leader named Pastor John is in control and performs bizarre miracles to a captivated congregation. His followers patrol the streets by day. Phantoms roam the woods by night. People vanish without a trace.

Frantic to locate his grandfather, Michael enlists a group of friends to help him—only to stumble into an ancient labyrinth of tunnels below Pastor John’s church and confront an evil that has terrorized the town for years.

Inexperienced and vulnerable, they face their most disturbing fears, risking their lives for their loved ones—even as the rising crisis beneath Stone Hill threatens to destroy them.