Terror in the Shadows Vol. 16 | Janice Tremayne Terror in the Shadows Vol. 16 | Janice Tremayne

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Terror in the Shadows Vol. 16
Author: Scare Street Category: Horror : 05 Jul, 2021 ISBN: B097JW299B Country: USA Language: English File type: Kindle Amazon USA

Beware of shadows bearing gifts…

A young girl’s dollhouse comes alive at night, and its tiny residents possess a terrifying power. Fate stalks a young cult survivor as she struggles to escape a premonition of her own death. And a beautiful antique jewelry box reveals a dark hunger that threatens to consume its new owner…

Scare Street unleashes a dozen delightfully dark tales of horror in this ghastly new collection. A special gift, wrapped in black paper and tied with a blood red bow—just waiting for you to open it and see what’s inside…

So go ahead, untie the ribbon, peel away the shiny paper. Give it a little shake. Is something moving inside? As you lift the lid, you see two glowing eyes and a mouth filled with shark-like teeth.

Then you realize you’ve been misled… It’s not a present for you after all.

Before you even have a chance to scream, the monster claims its gift—you.