The Evergreen Motel | Janice Tremayne The Evergreen Motel | Janice Tremayne

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The Evergreen Motel
Author: Marc Layton Category: Horror : 07 Jul, 2020 ISBN: B08BRHQF61 Country: UK Language: English File type: Kindle Amazon USA

On the run after killing her abusive ex-boyfriend, Aly is desperate and needs somewhere to hide. She finds refuge in a motel but soon discovers she’s not free from the terror she endured in her relationship.

The police are on the hunt, but they’re not the only threat she faces. Her abusive ex lurks in the shadows, taunting her. His inexplicable presence isn’t the only otherworldly being who makes their presence known.

Rocked to her core, Aly knows it’s only a matter of time until the police, her past, or the evil that now surrounds her will catch up to her.

Will she and the motel owner survive this terrifying ordeal, or will they succumb to the insidious threats?