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The Vanishing

 Author: Arjay Lewis  Category: Horror  : 18 Sep, 2020  ISBN: B08FFLL3FW  Country: USA  Language: English  File type: Kindle  Amazon USA

Winner of 6 Awards!

She needs to forget the past. Her ex wants her back. The creatures in the woods crave every living soul…
Former NYPD detective Liliana Slavik is still recovering from a nervous breakdown, after a shooting that killed her fiancé and ended her career. Seeking refuge in her peaceful hometown, she soon discovers hundreds of people have disappeared in the Pine Barrens nearby. She becomes determined to fight through her panic attacks, team up with the man who betrayed her, and solve the sinister secret.

Liliana uncovers information about the famed Jersey Devil as well as Native American lore which tells of monsters which haunt the vast New Jersey forests. But, the anxious investigator knows there’s only one way to reveal the truth. She must enter the woods herself…

Can Liliana face and defeat the terror before she becomes the next missing person?

The Vanishing is a riveting standalone horror novel. If you like courageous female protagonists, historic legends, and journeys that few can survive, then you’ll love Arjay Lewis’s edge-of-your-seat tale.