Pre-order Haunting in Old Tailem by Janice Tremayne

Haunting Clarisse Series – Book Three

Release 20 December 2020

“Running from evil is not a bad idea until you relise you can’t hide.”

A Supernatural Ghost Story with Paranormal Elements

Running from evil is not a bad idea until you realise you can’t hide.

Old Tailem Town is an Australian pioneer village that has built a reputation as the creepiest ghost town in the southern hemisphere.

But some ghosts get tired of hanging around and latch onto you. Running from evil is not a bad idea until you figure out you can’t hide. The houses and the Church that were moved and renovated to create the perfect paranormal tourist attraction carries dark secrets within its walls.

Will Clarisse be able to confront her biggest evil challenge yet or will Little Charlie rally all the towns ghost into an impeccable evil stronghold? Will her meeting with the local Sharman unleash secrets with evil consequences for digging too deep into the towns past?

The tourists keep flocking in for the paranormal experiences run by a local entrepreneur–unbeknown they are caught in the crossfire of a battle for evil supremacy. Will the town succumb to Little Charlie and his evil crew?


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